Learn about the individual benefits offered to our schools.

A thoroughly researched and peer reviewed curriculum drafted by notable curricula drafters and reviewed by an advisory committee of academics and consultants. The curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate and is suitable for students around the world. Members receive access to IPC Online where they can download curricula materials and view updates.
Training and Professional Development
Devised by an ex teaching fellow of Harvard University, the IPC Teacher Training Course is delivered online over a 6 month period culminating in the IPC Teaching Certificate. Teachers and administrators have access to an array of professional development courses and consultancy guides which cover aspects of education and business related matters.
Teacher Support
5 day telephone and email support for all curriculum related inquiries.
IPC Directory Listing
Your school will be listed on the School Locations page with contact information. Your school photos can be featured in IPC marketing materials.
Press and Media
Be featured in your local press with our press and marketing assistance which includes a press release template and media pack.
Periodical Magazines, journals and similar publications.
School Manager Software
Administration software for student records and business development. For an interactive demonstration please refer to the Preschool Management Software page.

Franchise VS. Membership



Aspiring and existing preschool owners can apply for the IPC Franchise Program which has separate requirements.

The IPC franchise requirements are:

  • The candidate has a strong willingness to further education
  • The candidate has the financial capabilities to establish and operate a preschool business
  • The candidate has the resources to allocate or utilize premises that meet the minimum legal and compliance requirements of their state or country
  • The candidate ensures that key teachers and staff are trained in accordance with IPC Teacher Training standards and abide by the IPC Code of Conduct


Schools are required to meet the following criteria in order to be considered as a member school. If any of the minimum requirements are not met or if you are in the process of establishing a preschool, you can apply to become an IPC School through the Franchise Program.

The full membership requirements are:

  • The candidate school has a state or national license to operate if such a license is required by law
  • The candidate school’s workforce is sufficiently qualified and experienced to deliver a preschool curriculum in their state or country
  • There is evidence of a strong willingness to further education
  • The candidate school is financially viable
  • The candidate school has operated as an education related organization for a minimum of one year
  • Facilities have sufficient emergency risk avoidance measures and emergency plans in place
  • The candidate school promotes active play, healthy eating and social responsibility

Initial Investment

Memberships and franchises are offered worldwide and require an initial investment that includes curriculum orientation and teacher training.

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