IPC Preschool Franchise

The IPC offers an affordable and flexible franchise program that is geared towards individuals and corporations that are seeking to establish their own early childhood education center. Since the program’s inception in early 2010, the IPC has established preschools in six continents making it one of the world’s fastest growing childcare franchise chains. Special discounts apply for franchise applications in states or countries that do not currently have IPC franchise schools.

The IPC is available worldwide*

Unlike traditional franchise models, the IPC includes a myriad of benefits and services as part of its franchise license fee.

Initial Services

Childcare is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and continues to outperform nearly every other sector in many countries. In order to better understand the feasibility of establishing an IPC school in your area, the IPC conducts a feasibility study and will work with you to draft a customized business plan. IPC feasibility studies and business plans have been tremendously successful in determining optimal school locations, school size and corresponding operation costs. The IPC’s market research capabilities and experience in the industry provides clients with a short to medium term plan for financial success.

Branding and Design

Headed by highly experienced brand experts and graphic designers, the IPC’s creative team will provide you with a corporate brand and consultancy service that includes a tailored brand identity manual, stationery design, website and any other branded materials at your request. IPC schools may request any customized branding materials such as custom made adverts, banners, flags etc. at any time.

Building strong Branding

Building strong Branding

and Implementation

Marketing and PR

A dedicated marketing and PR manager will prepare a marketing plan and strategy based on localized data. The IPC’s marketing efforts have been extremely effective in ensuring that all IPC schools maintain positive enrollment growth. Marketing strategies include search engine optimization (SEO), local press coverage, social media and IPC micro-site development and management. General marketing consultancy, training courses and support will ensure that your preschool is informed and stays ahead of competitors.

3D Design

3D Design

Based on your photos and school building dimensions, the IPC will provide you with architectural 3D rendered images for the exterior of your building and interior classroom spaces. The IPC’s franchise system includes a specific classroom layout suggestion prepared by education consultants. A training course on classroom layouts and environments is also available on the IPC’s College of Teaching.

Other Business Benefits

• Licensing, regulatory and compliance assistance & letters of support • Proprietary Management & basic bookkeeping Software • Parent Portal with handbooks, activities and children’s books • Owner handbooks, policy guides and training • Low royalties •

Curriculum and Materials

The IPC’s preschool curriculum is based on academic research and is reviewed for relevance and accuracy. With two main curricula focuses, the IPC caters for children aged between 6 months and 6 years. The curriculum comprises of 56 thematic units, each designed to ensure that the six developmentally appropriate content learning areas are sufficiently reinforced. The International Preschool Curriculum has received widespread praise from parents, schools and governments for its quality and rigor. The curriculum is updated quarterly and made available to all members and franchisees.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training The IPC’s College of Teaching provides a number of certificate, enrichment and management training courses to all schools at no extra cost. Up to 9 teachers per school may participate in the interactive learning platform and gain their IPC Teaching Certificate. The IPC’s courses are devised by an ex teaching fellow of Harvard University and provide educators from all academic backgrounds with an interesting and enlightening form of vocational education. The IPC adds new professional development courses quarterly.


The program is available for a renewable 5 year term. The license fee includes all items listed above and all future IPC franchise benefits that may be introduced from time to time. The IPC does not offer real estate or real estate services. A low royalty based on student enrollment size is levied on all IPC franchises.

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*This advertisement is not an offer. Some states and countries require franchises to submit a franchise disclosure document (FDD) or be approved before advertising to residents of those states and countries. This advertisement is not directed to residents of those states or countries. Please contact the IPC if you are unsure whether your state or country has restrictions on the advertisement of franchises. A detailed explanation of the Initial Investment may be found in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This franchise is not directed to any person in any of the following countries: Australia, Brazil, United States or on behalf of the franchisor or anyone acting with the franchisor’s knowledge. No franchises can be offered or sold in the countries listed above until the offering has been registered and declared effective by the appropriate regulatory authority. No franchises can be offered or sold in any state unless the franchise offering circular has been delivered to the offeree before the sale within the applicable time frame. This franchise is offered only by delivery of a franchise offering circular.