The IPC is the world leader in early childhood education and is generally recognized for having standards that exceed the minimum requirements of most states and countries. Where required, the IPC publishes supplements or amendments to the curriculum in order to satisfy jurisdictional requirements set by ministerial departments.

The IPC is a peer reviewed and academically research curriculum for children aged between 6 months and 6 years.  The organization aims to raise and harmonize global standards in education.  The organization and its curriculum is currently the subject of academic research itself, with laboratory schools being conducted by several university departments.  It is hoped that this testing will provide communities with a greater understanding of the benefits of an IPC education.

Through the IPC, students are fully prepared to enter international primary programs and those established by local ministerial and state departments.

For compliance requests, please refer to the Govrnments page.

NAEYC Standards

The IPC is fully aligned to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards. NAEYC candidates seeking accreditation are provided with documentary evidence of how the IPC is aligned to satisfy curriculum criteria for accreditation.

For NAEYC related inquiries, please contact us.
NAEYC curriculum criteria for accreditation can be found here 

Head Start Programs

The IPC has developed a curriculum that is suitable for head start programs and can be tailored to meet individual district or state requirements.

For Head Start inquiries, please contact us.